U.S. Secretary of Commerce Joined by Telemobile President and California Governor for “Trade Globally” Campaign

November 12, 1999 - Long Beach, CA
William Daley U.S. Secretary
of Commerce and William Thomas 
President Telemobile

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Wrapping up a 20-City Tour across the country, US Secretary of Commerce William Daley was joined on a panel discussion by Mr. William I. Thomas, President of Telemobile, California Governor Gray Davis and CEO of Boeing, Phil Conduit.

William Thomas, Gray Davis Governor of 
California and Dan Thomas Vice President
of Marketing Telemobile

Click for Larger Image Doc-2.jpg (12736 bytes) The theme for this International trade tour: "Trade Globally, Prosper Locally" was reinforced by Telemobile's Mr. Thomas and the rest of the panel during their 2 hour open discussion Friday morning at a local high school.

"Export marketplace is good for our business and good for the U.S.," said Mr. Thomas. "While we don't make airplanes or create laws and governmentWilliam Thomas speaking on panel with William 
Daley, Grey Davis and Phil Condit

Click for Larger Image Doc-5.jpg (21552 bytes) policy, Telemobile does help thousands of people in rural, developing areas around the world communicate with our Wireless Voice, Fax and Data Solutions. Many of our end users have previously never used or seen a telephone before and now we are offering them an opportunity to not only access the voice circuits but connect to the Internet, browse the Web and start to use free email services.”

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