Telemobile Introduces, High Capacity, Four-Line Digital Voice, Fax, Data Wireless Telecommunications System: Provides Lower Cost Per Channel, and Thin Route Links Covering Long Distances

Las Vegas, NV, April 21, 1998… In a move to situate itself as a major force in the global wireless communications marketplace, Telemobile Inc., one of the leading radio telephone equipment manufacturers, today formally introduced its powerful new "Quad" Digital 64Kbps series of digital wireless communications systems, called PHONELINKÒ QTEL64. Vice President of Marketing Dan Thomas pointed out in the announcement, "As a leader in our industry we have pioneered toll quality wireless service to rural areas. This QTEL system provides service to four subscribers via a digital link with high security and high reliability in any rural area."

The new QTEL64 series also offers high-speed wireless Internet service and includes a four line integrated multiplexer, radio, and modem. Up to two circuits can be switched for data service in a combination of voice + data (4+0, 3+1, 2+2 or 2+1 high speed data). MP-MLQ coding is used for toll quality voice circuits (user selectable) at a very low sampling rate. One antenna at each end of the connection makes installation easy. Options include external concentrator to serve 15 independent circuits sharing the four line wireless link from any remote village.

Telemobile Inc., a 35 year old wireless communication manufacturer, is a U.S. manufacturer of point-to-point radio telephone systems that are digital compatible. These high quality, low cost systems have a wide variety of options available including wireless caller ID, payphone signaling, and voice scrambling modules. Other digital systems are also available with Telemobile's integrated multiplexer and internal radio modem for a combination of voice, fax and wireless Internet service or file transfer.

Pricing for the PHONELINK QTEL64 series starts at $9,395 including antennas and cabling for a complete out of the box solution. Contact Dan Thomas at Telemobile Inc., 19840 Hamilton Avenue, Torrance, CA 90502 USA, Tel +1(310) 538-5100 or Fax +1(310) 532-8526, email: for more information and complete details.

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