Wireless Rural Telephony 1-Line Voice, Fax and Internet

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The PTEL PhonelinkŪ TM7 series are complete point-to-point systems. Each system provides a full duplex, single telephone line extension for voice, fax or Internet dial up connection to a remote location.

Systems are available on any VHF or UHF frequency pair (136-520 MHz) at two power levels (4, 10W) and only require a 25 or 12.5 KHz channel narrowband duplex channel. Repeaters are available to extend the range of the system.

The PTEL series uses a 3825 Hz Out-of-Band Signaling per ITU specifications. The system is both Rotary (dial) or DTMF (tone) compatible at the central office and remote subscriber. Options for the PTEL series include payphone signaling, 4-wire E&M circuits, voice scrambling and caller ID.

The standard system is configured as 13.8 VDC desktop units with optional internal DC or AC power converters. System antennas, cable and rack or wall mount brackets are available as well as a weather proof enclosure option.

The standard PTEL system will also now support data at speeds up to 14.4 Kbps for dial up Internet connection and supports full speed Group 3 Fax.


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Page Last Updated March 20, 2008