CleanEarth - A Response from Telemobile Inc.

Telemobile’s response to the CLEANEARTH, Jay Hodges, claims sent out March 2002

Telemobile is a B2B company selling to qualified resellers and industrial end user (Phone Companies, Oil companies, etc.) worldwide.

Our record with the Better Business Bureau states "we rate this company as having a satisfactory business record"

Telemobile sold equipment to - Jay Hodges - Homestead Supply – (NOT “Clean Earth”) on or about April 2000 under Telemobile’s normal policies (that have remained the same for the past several years.)

Because of Mr. Hodges concerns or hesitations in his own technical and installation expertise he asked for a specific “restocking amount” if it didn’t work and need to be returned (within a reasonable amount of time – usually 30-60 days).

Telemobile tried to contact Mr. Hodges several times during this period to follow up on the sale, his satisfaction and inquire about additional sales (after all, we still though he was a reseller).

After this time it was apparent (from Mr. Hodges own comments) he was not a qualified reseller and should not have received discounted pricing or purchased directly from Telemobile. He should have gone through an authorized, technically qualified reseller. Mr. Hodges (by his own comments) was using coaxial cable and antennas NOT from Telemobile & we were unable to receive confirmation that the unauthorized accessories he was using were the same specification required in order to work with our system. Our system was sold complete with antenna and cable but for whatever reason he did not use the provided system components.

The system did perform but was not at the level that was desired by the customer although; technically there was nothing wrong with the equipment.

Telemobile does not guarantee installations or application unless we are contracted as a “Turn-Key” system provider. There are many installation or application issues that we cannot control (frequency, terrain, physical mounting of antennas, etc). This is why we work with technically qualified resellers who are educated and can over come these obstacles and know when NOT to try a wireless system that simply won’t work (although no fault of the equipment). 

Several months later, In November 2000, Mr. Hodges informed us that he was going to try a new 2-way satellite service when it was available “next year”

On Jan 4, 2001 after he asked for “return instructions” to witch we responded and said he can return it for “inspection” and to determine what if anything we can do for him. At this time he has had the system for almost a year and NOW he is asking to return it? 

On Feb 12 he SAID he is installing his new 2-way satellite system and he has just returned our system to which he wants full refund less $1000.
… A year later? ?!?! ... That was NOT the agreement!

It seem that good ‘ol Mr. Hodges finally decided he doesn’t need Telemobile’s equipment … and... Oh Yea, is just getting around to returning it … now that another company is finally offering service in his difficult to reach area.

After several threats and extortion attempts made by Mr. Hodges (posing as CLEAN EARTH) now hiding behind a self-serving and self-fabricated “sucks“ website, he is now claiming Telemobile stole from an organization that we have NEVER done business with. 

If the claims were valid (They are not!) Legal action would be appropriate. NEVER has a legal action been taken on this transaction. 

Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet and the protection of free speech (Which Telemobile is full supporters of) he has chosen a smear campaign that has crossed the legal line of LIABLE & SLANDER against our company and some of our employee. Several of his statements are just plain lies. His actions sadden us and we are sorry for any past or future actions made by Mr. Hodges and/or his son (in school learning about the IT industry) and/or any related individuals who may be annoying to you and your company. 

Please report any unsolicited email (SPAM) to the proper authorities.

Our attorneys are looking into possible actions that may be required however we would prefer not to be forced into that situation.

We love the USA and all of the freedoms we are granted. We are certain our current and future customer and friend around the world will let Telemobile’s GOOD reputation; associations and our 39-Year history and track record of designing producing and providing wireless equipment speak for itself.

We believe in our hearts that we've done nothing wrong, except being fooled into thinking we were dealing with a technically qualified reliable reseller.


Telemobile Inc.

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