Back up/copy this file first. 1. Save this script in the root of the site for simplicity. 2. Place somewhere in your HTML page where you consider it to be the start of printer friendly content, and goes at the end of that same content. 3. You place a link to phprint.php anywhere on the HTML page (preferably outside the printed content, like this: Print this page - or however you like, just as long as you link to this script. */ //Do you want to strip images from the printable output? // If no, change to "no". Otherwise, images are stripped by default. $stripImages = "no"; // If you've already tested, you can remove the text from here up to the other: 8< ----> // That's it! No need to go below here. Upload it and test. $startingpoint = ""; $endingpoint = ""; $read = fopen($HTTP_REFERER, "rb"); $value = ""; while(!feof($read)){ $value .= fread($read, 4096); } fclose($read); $start= strpos($value, "$startingpoint"); $finish= strpos($value, "$endingpoint"); $length= $finish-$start; $value=substr($value, $start, $length); function i_denude($variable){ return(eregi_replace("]*>", "", $variable)); } function i_denudef($variable){ return(eregi_replace("]*>", "", $variable)); } $PHPrint = ("$value"); if ($stripImages == "yes") { $PHPrint = i_denude("$PHPrint"); } $PHPrint = i_denudef("$PHPrint"); $PHPrint = str_replace( "", "", $PHPrint ); echo $PHPrint; flush(); //force ?>