FREE Wireless Telecom Training
Systems Planning For Developing Countries & Rural Areas Worldwide 

November 2000 Los Angeles, CA

Telemobile Inc. - Wireless Communication Solutions, manufacturers of wireless rural telephony equipment 
for infrastructure development, is offering another FREE training event at their global headquarters in California, June 25 - 29th 2001

The year 2001 course is the Tenth consecutive year offering this Free Telecom training opportunity in partnership with the U.S.T.T.I. (United States Telecommunications Training Institute). The USTTI, based in Washington DC, coordinates the course. Some funding from the U.S. Government and other contributions is available to assist with attendees travel and lodging.

Telemobile's course is specifically designed to assist the telecommunications engineer or system planner who will 
be specifying and designing wireless telecommunications infrastructure systems into developing and new areas.

The USTTI has been offering Telecom courses since 1983 and has graduated 5574 students from over 160 countries. Telemobile has received over 1080 applications and has graduated 113 students from 52 countries plus many more trainees who attend the event privately.

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