January-February 2001 Malaysia Presentation by Sapura and Telemobile

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Here are some of the photos taken during our January-February 2001 Malaysia Presentation.

Enjoy these pictures.  to tell us what you think.

This page contains all of the Thumbnails (small images).  It can take a minute or two to completely load.  If you see an image you like you can click on it right away without waiting for the others to load.

To see a larger (higher resolution) image you can simply click on the image.  

If you want to download the picture directly from this page, Right-Click on it and select "Save Target As...".

If you are already viewing the larger picture then you can Right-Click and select "Save Picture As...".  

If you "Save Picture As..." directly from this page you will download the smaller image (thumbnails only).

sapura-tmi-01.jpg (30150 bytes) sapura-tmi-02.jpg (26850 bytes) sapura-tmi-03.jpg (30746 bytes) sapura-tmi-04.jpg (22537 bytes) sapura-tmi-05.jpg (28667 bytes) sapura-tmi-06.jpg (24223 bytes) sapura-tmi-07.jpg (27885 bytes) sapura-tmi-08.jpg (28956 bytes) sapura-tmi-09.jpg (29787 bytes) sapura-tmi-10.jpg (27522 bytes) sapura-tmi-11.jpg (21036 bytes) sapura-tmi-12.jpg (25219 bytes) sapura-tmi-13.jpg (24609 bytes) sapura-tmi-14.jpg (28691 bytes) sapura-tmi-15.jpg (25697 bytes) sapura-tmi-16.jpg (26975 bytes) sapura-tmi-17.jpg (17048 bytes) sapura-tmi-18.jpg (28948 bytes)

all the files as a single zip file are available here.


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