Jeremy Phipp - 


Southampton Institute of Higher Education
Marine Radio & Radar MRGC parts 1a, 1b and 2 (3 years)

Training in electronic engineering, faultfinding, servicing, financial accounting, radio procedures, safety of life at sea procedures

Servicing and operating equipment from crew TV to Satellite

Navigation equipment. Specializing in HF SSB, VHF FM, GPS, radar, radio location, auto alarm equipment. Morse code to 25WPM

Southampton Institute of Higher Education 6 months
UK Govt Dept. of Trade and Industry Radar Certificate.
Optional specialist course involving operating and servicing of Marine radar and computer plotting equipment.

Various proprietary courses for manufacturers (other than Marconi) radar and HFSSB equipment 12 months


GEC Marconi - Senior Radio Officer.
Solely responsible for operating and servicing of all electronic equipment on board ship. Worked on research and trials of GMDSS
with UK Min. Of Defense. 10 years

Pace Communications (UK) Ltd - Sales and Marketing Director. 5 years

Telemobile Inc. - Manager, European Sales. 10 Years


Married, 2 children.

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