October 2001 Training 

Here are some of the photos taken during our October 2001 training.

Enjoy these pictures.  to tell us what you think.  We have more info on our next training available here. 

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The Training Room...

2001-oct-trainees-02.jpg (92591 bytes) 2001-oct-trainees-03.jpg (92826 bytes) 2001-oct-trainees-04.jpg (93999 bytes) 2001-oct-trainees-05.jpg (93039 bytes) 2001-oct-trainees-06.jpg (88033 bytes) 2001-oct-trainees-08.jpg (86264 bytes) 2001-oct-trainees-07.jpg (86932 bytes) 2001-oct-trainees-14.jpg (90787 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-0.jpg (95295 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-04.jpg (133387 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-03.jpg (158617 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-05.jpg (147258 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-10.jpg (97106 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-11.jpg (87126 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-12.jpg (87670 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-13.jpg (174654 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-16.jpg (94637 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-18.jpg (87644 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-20.jpg (83434 bytes) 2001-oct-training-room-21.jpg (86955 bytes)

All these pictures in a single zip file 2001-oct-training-training-room.zip

Group Shots...

2001-oct-train-god_bless_america.jpg (169925 bytes) 2001-oct-training-group-10.jpg (93442 bytes) 2001-oct-training-group-11.jpg (147935 bytes) 2001-oct-training-group-12.jpg (136807 bytes) 2001-oct-training-hotel-group-01.jpg (145151 bytes) 2001-oct-training-hotel-group-02.jpg (138571 bytes) 2001-oct-training-lunch-01.jpg (159433 bytes) 2001-oct-training-lunch-02.jpg (137694 bytes)

All these pictures in a single zip file 2001-oct-training.zip

Certificate Presentation...

2001-oct-training-certificates-01.jpg (133615 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-02.jpg (137971 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-03.jpg (137003 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-04.jpg (137036 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-05.jpg (150947 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-06.jpg (123070 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-07.jpg (139851 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-08.jpg (68457 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-10.jpg (70925 bytes) 2001-oct-training-certificates-09.jpg (64900 bytes)

All these pictures in a single zip file 2001-oct-training-certificates.zip

Tour of L.A. ...

2001-oct-tour-hollywood-10.jpg (89345 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-hollywood-11.jpg (87973 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-long_beach-15.jpg (90544 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-los_angeles-12.jpg (85387 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-los_angeles-13.jpg (90025 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-los_angeles-14.jpg (96242 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-palos_verdes-18.jpg (96226 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-palos_verdes-19.jpg (95841 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-palos_verdes-20.jpg (91116 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-redondo_beach-21.jpg (87808 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-redondo_beach-22.jpg (82424 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-san_pedro-korean_bell-16.jpg (85770 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-san_pedro-korean_bell-17.jpg (81166 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-universal-01.jpg (90154 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-universal-02.jpg (83041 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-universal-03.jpg (87481 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-universal-04.jpg (96050 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-universal-05.jpg (90379 bytes) 2001-oct-tour-universal-06.jpg (95049 bytes)

All these pictures in a single zip file 2001-oct-training-la-tour.zip

Please check back soon for some video clips of the training.

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