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Point-to-Point Wireless Telecommunications

PTEL  1-Line Phonelink®
RMOD Radio modems (data only) 19.2/64 Kbps
DTEL 3-Line Phonelink® (2+1, voice and data) - 19.2/64 kbps
QTEL 4-Line Phonelink® - 64 Kbps
MTEL 8-Line Phonelink® - 64 Kbps
ETEL 30/60 Line Phonelink® (E1 Microwave)

Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Telecommunications

System35 - Wireless PABX
RET - Roadside Emergency Telephone / Call Box Systems
E1RT TDMA, E1 Rural Telephone - 2mb
DRRT TDMA-TDD, E1 Rural Telephone

Other Equipment Available From Telemobile

Two-way radio systems (handhelds, mobiles, base, repeaters and telemetry)


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