Wireless Rural Telephony 4-Line

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Telemobile’s TM7 series digital QTEL wireless PHONELINK® system provides 4x16 Kbps voice circuits or 2x32 Kbps toll quality voice circuits over a range of 50 Km. The QTEL can be configured for POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) or E&M to extend service to remote areas. You can also switch one or two of the voice circuits to provide RS-232 V.24 data circuits.

QTEL systems are a 64 Kbps point-to-point radio link operating in a 100 KHz RF channel. The system allows for simultaneous internet, voice, fax and data access. 

The low cost per line digital QTEL systems are available in VHF (136-300 MHz) and UHF (300-520 MHz) frequency bands utilizing high performance digital modulation and advanced voice compression techniques.

The standard system is configured as 13.8 VDC desktop units with optional internal DC or AC power converters. System antennas, cable and rack or wall mount brackets are available as well as a weather proof enclosure option.

The Wireless Rural Loop (WRL) QTEL systems provide two toll quality 32 Kbps circuits or four basic circuits of 16 Kbps for business, residential, 4wire E&M and payphone service into remote areas.

The QTEL is a wireless four line multiplexer offering four circuits at 16 Kbps each. Two circuits can be switched to data service for a combination of voice/fax+data service (4+0, 3+1, 2+2). Also two voice or two data circuits can be combined for higher grade toll quality service if required.


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