Sales Policy and Trade Terms

TERMS: Terms for all Telemobile products and services are net due upon shipment either by Letter of Credit at Sight, Exworks Telemobile Factory.

FREIGHT: All Telemobile products are shipped Exworks Torrance, CA unless otherwise designated on specific system quotation. All orders are sent by carrier of the Company's discretion. Specific shipping instructions, if required by the customer, must be designated at time of order.

PURCHASE QUALIFICATION: Telemobile's cost schedules are confidential and intended only for the use of authorized Telemobile accounts. All prices shown are for trade accounts utilizing Telemobile's products in their communications systems. Use and sales taxes are added as they apply per order. Each system planned and assembled by Telemobile will include an engineering service charge equal to twenty percent (20%) of the total cost of the equipment utilized in this initial system. Trade discounts are provided on equipment purchased by qualified installing resellers for resale. No discounts are given on engineering services. If Telemobile is responsible for installation, a separate turn key quotation will include training, installation and system check-out charges at the factory and/or at the job site as may be required.

All orders are subject to acceptance or rejection at the Company's headquarters. All purchase order conditions must be confirmed in writing, signed by an officer of the Company. No sales agent, distributor, reseller or representative is authorized to bind Telemobile in any way without specific written approval of the Company's President or Board of Directors. Availability, specifications, pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.

RETURN GOODS POLICY: No credit returns will be accepted. All sales are final. Service work and replacement parts are covered under Telemobile's warranty policy with ninety (90) days warranty on all service work performed.

TELEMOBILE'S LIMITED WARRANTY: Telemobile warrants each new product to be free from defects, material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment by Telemobile. If the product is found to be defective in normal use during this period, Telemobile will either, at its discretion upon receipt of goods at Telemobile factory, authorize its repair or replacement free of charge provided:

Equipment is delivered to the factory or returned to a qualified service station authorized by Telemobile Inc. in writing.

Proof of purchase (sales receipt or other evidence) must accompany the returned equipment.

The communication equipment has not been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation, alteration or incorrect wiring not prescribed or in violation of instructions printed in the owners and installation manuals.

This warranty does not cover compatibility of Telemobile equipment with any specific phone company or modification made to the equipment unless such modification is made by Telemobile personnel. 


ALL PRICES QUOTED ARE IN U.S. DOLLARS, EXWORKS FACTORY TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA U.S.A. Freight, insurance, bank charges or any other miscellaneous costs incurred in shipment are for the buyer's account unless specifically mentioned otherwise in writing by Telemobile Inc. Telemobile Inc. reserves the right to deduct bank charges from commissions in the event the buyer's L/C does not pay these expenses. There is a surcharge of $500 on all L/C orders under $10,000 USD to cover U.S. bank processing charges.

PRICES INCLUDE PACKING IN CARDBOARD CARTONS suitable for international shipment via air freight. Exception is wood crating for multi-channel terminals in cabinets or open racks. Wood crating or other special packing will be quoted when required.

SHIPMENTS WITHIN THE U.S.A. will be sent C.O.D. (Cash or Cashier's check only) or upon receipt of advance payment. 

SHIPMENTS OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.A. require advance payment or an Irrevocable Letter of Credit, payable on a U.S. bank with a 35% deposit with order. Advance payment may be by wire transfer to Telemobile account prior to shipment from factory.

AIR FREIGHT SHIPMENTS ARE NOT INSURED BY TELEMOBILE INC. unless requested otherwise by buyer. Uninsured shipments are made at buyer's risk. Buyers should note that insurance is available when requested.

LETTERS OF CREDIT should remain valid through the stated delivery period plus a minimum of an additional thirty (30) days. L/C's must be irrevocable and confirmed by a U.S. bank and should allow shipment from Torrance, California U.S.A. on carrier of choice by Telemobile.

BID BONDS are the responsibility of the in-country representative and will not be opened by Telemobile Inc.

PERFORMANCE BONDS may be opened by Telemobile Inc., as necessary, to fulfill contractual obligations, however, Telemobile Inc. will withhold agent commissions equal to the amount of the bond until the bond is returned uncollected.

LOANING OF DEMONSTRATION EQUIPMENT is possible in special instances upon receipt of deposit from representative for an amount equal to the net price of the equipment. All demonstration equipment must be returned within ninety (90) days in good condition for full refund of deposit. Cost for any lost or
damaged items will be deducted from the deposit. 


Telemobile communications equipment requires proper installation and handling to maintain the factory warranty. Telemobile requires a field survey be performed by Telemobile to insure that an acceptable radio path and/or link is achievable. All engineering work, field survey, shipping, handling, training, travel expenses and installation costs are not included in the hardware pieces.

If a field survey and/or installation is not specifically included, prices quoted are an indication of a typical system to be installed by an independent contractor whereby the contractor assumes any and all system responsibilities and/or liabilities (including handling, installation, training and operation).

If the equipment is properly installed/handled as deemed by Telemobile, Telemobile will warrant each Telemobile-supplied component under the standard factory warranty against material and workmanship defects. Unless agreed otherwise, the warranty will become effective at the time of dispatch from the factory. If requested and agreed by Telemobile in writing, a period of up to 30 days may be granted (to cover shipping and installation) before the 12 month warranty period goes into effect.

In many cases, the system's configuration (and its cost) will need to be changed from the typical examples shown in Telemobile literature to one that fits the installation's unique terrain and/or operating parameters.

Telemobile offers a comprehensive field survey, system design-aid, installation/installation-supervision and training program which provides factory engineering support through the installation/commissioning stages.

(Telemobile is not responsible, and may exercise its option to charge for delays due to circumstances beyond its control. Examples are negligence on the part of the local agent/customer, delays in local transportation, delays caused by customs/immigration, inability to reach the installation sites, local unrest, etc.)


The order cancellation charge is based on the value of the order itself. The cancellation charge will change depending on how much work and order processing has been done on the particular order that is going to be cancelled/has been cancelled.

If the order has not yet gone through the systems check area, for final tuning, adjustments, etc. the order cancellation charge is 25% of the equipment value.

If the order has been processed through our systems area, the order cancellation charge is 50% of the equipment value.

If the systems techs have already processed the equipment, it in most cases will have to be "unprocessed", dismantled and checked out, so that the radios can be used on other orders. This is double technician time not just single technician time that is used in order to process and ship to the customer.

Telemobile's policy is that no credit returns will be accepted. All sales are final. However, if an order has shipped to the customer and has any signs of wear when returned to Telemobile Inc. for requested credit and/or refund, the 50% of the equipment value applies. Before we can determine the value, we must deduct any missing or damaged items, and deduct any special labor or other non-recoverable costs, such as freight, special handling, etc. There will also be deductions for damaged or missing packing material and documentation before applying the 50% charge.


Telemobile Inc. has a minimum order amount of $25.00 and a minimum freight charge of $10.00 (+ $10.00 if COD). If the part cost or freight cost exceeds this amount, the higher number will be used.


All orders that are "on-hold" for more than six months are subject to cancellation at the sole discretion of Telemobile Inc. If, and when these orders are cancelled, the cancellation charge of 25% or 50% (see above) will apply.

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