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Telemobile Corporate Background

Company [top]

     Telemobile, Inc. Wireless Communication Solutions (, has established a position as designer and manufacturer of low cost Wireless Rural Loop (WRL) telecommunication equipment in the fast growing wireless telecommunications industry.  Founded in 1963 as a US radio manufacturer, the company is one of the leading suppliers of "turnkey" wireless solutions for the voice, fax and data communications market.  Often villages with a low population in remote areas cannot justify a Wireless Local Loop (WLL) system and require the type of rural solutions offered by Telemobile.

     Over 75,000 Telemobile systems have been installed since 1990, currently servicing over 2,000,000 phone lines worldwide.  Today, Telemobile maintains their ISO9001 certification and designs and manufactures several different point-to-point and point-to-multipoint PHONELINK systems based on the highly reliable radio telephone configurations. Depending on the customer's needs, Telemobile's innovative software / hardware integration with the systems they manufacture has provided high quality, customized solutions for a wide variety of applications. Telemobile's products play a key role in telecommunications infrastructure for developing nations around the globe. The company's primary focus is to integrate wireless voice / fax / data systems into their customer's operations, customizing advanced WRL products that provide ongoing value, both from a functional and a cost / performance standpoint.  Because Telemobile understands and recognizes the importance of product dependability in their customers' daily business activities, Telemobile has geared their entire organization to provide the highest level of customer service.

     Improved manufacturing capabilities and additional "burn-in" and quality control functions have increased the reliability of Telemobile's solutions for the most demanding installations required for remote area operations. Enhancing the company's emphasis on customer satisfaction is the ongoing research and development of reliable wireless products through analysis and customization. This is the cornerstone of Telemobile's strategic planning.

     Telemobile has adopted the ITU standard for Wireless Community Telecom Centers "CTC" just established in 1998. Telemobile is the leader in the completely integrated Wireless Village CTC solutions that allows for a low cost wireless telecom facility to be established in rural villages and optionally, provide low cost Voice Over Internet Protocol "VoIP" rates for voice and fax service. This CTC equipment can be easily expanded and upgraded, to provide Internet services for Health, Safety, Education, Business, and Entertainment. The village CTC can also act as a hub for extending wireless telecom services to smaller more remote areas or to directly link rural houses or other locations.

     International relief organizations and humanitarian assistance groups also benefit by using Telemobile's equipment to coordinate their needs for secure, reliable, voice, fax and data requirements on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.

     Telemobile also offers assistance and integration service for a variety of Telecom and Wireless applications including portable satellite and handphone services including Iridium, ICO, Inmarsat and others as needed.

Products [top]

     In the fast growing wireless telephone marketplace, Telemobile systems continue to be widely recognized for their reliability as well as superior technology and custom software capabilities.  Telemobile's original product line has been significantly broadened with the introduction of advanced digital point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint systems in addition to pair gain and line concentrator systems.  This enables the company to offer customers completely integrated systems solutions at a better price / performance value throughout the low, middle, and high capacity range of various phone line systems.

     Telemobile's new products have set the standards in wireless rural telephone system requirements.  Telemobile's larger capacity systems have brought cost and performance in line with expanding international requirements.

Telemobile's robust growth has expanded into other application areas including Roadside Emergency Telephone (RET) Call Box Systems for Public and Private highways, National Parks, Universities and other areas needing wireless security telecommunication solutions.  In addition to voice / fax / data transfer customers can also access  the Internet with Telemobile's systems to stay "connected" to the rest of the world from rural village Community Tele Centers (CTC's).

Over the last several years, the company's product offerings met with notable success, in this fast growing voice-fax-data market.  Telemobile products received endorsement from a wide range of communication providers and governments worldwide.

Product  lines
Point-to-Point Point-to-Multipoint
1 - line professional series
Radio telephone wireless extension
2 - line/3 - line 19.2k, 64k  (2+1)  (Voice+Data)


Wireless PABX - Radio Trunking, DID

4 - line 64kbps field changeable  (Voice or Data)
RET (Call Box)

Roadside Emergency Telephone
8 - line 128kbps expandable to 40 lines
Digital, TDMA - WRL (Wireless CTC's)

30 - line expandable

166/336/512 - line   Pair Gain / Line Concentrator Systems as direct or Wireless links

Facilities [top]

     Headquartered in Torrance, California, Telemobile maintains assembly and test facilities at the same location with engineering, marketing, sales and administration.

     Sales and service offices are located throughout the world, with a major European headquarters in the UK.  Telemobile is opening Asian offices in the Philippines to allow the company to continue with its projected rate of expansion.  In addition, it is expanding its in-country customer service capacity in most countries worldwide.

Financials [top]

     Telemobile is a privately held corporation and does not make public financial details, however banking relationships in Southern California can be provided as well as references through The Dun & Bradstreet financial services.  The company looks forward to continued growth and profits in the coming years.

Fast Facts [top]

Location: 19840 Hamilton Avenue Torrance, California 90502 - USA
Telephone +1 (310) 538-5100
Fax: +1 (310) 532-8526
Company Contact:
Founded: 1963
Key Personnel: William Thomas, President, CEO, Founder
Products: Digital point-to-point radio telephone systems, point-to-multipoint radio telephone systems, pair gain systems and line concentrators
Markets: Phone companies, government and corporate communications customers worldwide

Milestones [top]

1963 - Introduction of the first solid state two-way radio

1970 - Delivery of the first cordless phone for consumer use

1980 - Design and installation of the first Airphone in-flight public cordless phone system

1985 - Telemobile opens new UK office to serve Africa, Middle East and all of Europe

1987 - Provided the first Point-to-Multipoint area wide integrated Rural Radio Telephone System

1990 - First radio telephone microprocessor controlled voice mail system

1996 - Telemobile opens new India office

1996 - First commercial use of narrowband digital, UHF and VHF, 3 channel systems with high voice compression for wireless voice, fax, and Internet communications

1997 - Telemobile receives multimillion dollar contract for Wireless Roadside Emergency Telephone

1998 - Telemobile establishes joint venture design and production facilities in Europe

1998 - Telemobile becomes ISO 9001 compliant (Includes ISO 9002 & ISO 9003)

1999 - Telemobile Opens new Asian office

1999 - Telemobile receives Asian government contract for multimillion dollar Wireless Rural Loop (WRL) system and Wireless Village Community Tele Centers (CTC's)


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