William Thomas -

Born in Iowa, July 1933


Bachelor Degree in Engineering 1955 
University of Illinois

Advance Degrees in Business and Market Management 
Association Seminar elective participation


Pilot US Navy

Applications & Marketing Engineer for Texas Instruments 

Co-founded PACE Communications 1963

Reorganized PACE international activity into Telemobile Inc. 1984 as privately held company

Continuing as Chief Executive Officer of Telemobile Inc. through 1999

Currently Chief Executive Officer Telemobile Inc.


Mr. William Thomas is Chief Executive Officer of Telemobile Inc. which provides Wireless Communication Solutions for rural markets throughout the world.

Mr. Thomas received his Engineering Degree at University of Illinois in 1955 and after 5 years as a pilot in US Navy, joined Texas Instruments as Application and Marketing Engineer.

In 1963 Mr. Thomas together with other engineers formed Pace Communications that designed and produced first all-solid-state two-way radio.

Mr. Thomas has been active as Chairman of the Personal Communications Section of the Electronics Industries Association, the predecessor to Telecommunications Industry Association of which Telemobile Inc. is currently an active member.

In 1984 Telemobile Inc. was organized by Mr. Thomas to consolidate the international wireless communications business of the Pace Communications division from then current owners.

Telemobile Inc. has continued since then as a privately held corporation serving the world's market requirements for wireless rural telephony.

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